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Dumbbell Stick – 10 inch – Silver – 1 Pcs

৳ 280.00

  • Manufactured by Local MS BAR.
  • Nickel polished.
  • Special Nut used.
  • Manufactured by Local MS BAR.
  • Nickel polished.
  • Special Nut used.


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    • About this item Strong carrom stand to support to your carrom board in play.
    • Compact design folds way when not in use with a simple concertina action.
    • Fits all Synco and Garden Games Carrom Boards Fully set up this strong carrom stand.
    • Features anti-slip rubber feet so it can be used on almost any surface without slipping or scratching the floor .
    • Easy to put up and to put away this great stand for your carrom board will make it easy to play any where at any time.
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    • Adjustable Resistance- increase or decrease the resistance of the fitness bands depending on your workout goals.
    • Lightweight and Portable.
    • Cost-Effective.
    • Increase your coordination.
    • Resistance Bands are made of high quality tubing and sheathed in latex, offering premium quality bands. Avoid risks of joint or to your safety compared to using heavy free weights.
    • Attach the bands to the included foam door anchor and expand the variety of exercises you can perform (over 100+ exercises)
    • Smooth range of motion, also allows for ‘unorthodox’ movements – great for martial arts. All pieces fit into the travel bag and can go with you on vacations, business trips etc.
    • No need to buy separate resistance bands of various strengths.
    • Versatile Use.
    • Anywhere can use it.
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    • Product Name: Bagaduli Board game
    • Product Size: Large
    • Board Color: Gold
    • Material: Wood
    • Hand Made
    • Indoor and Family Game
    • Bagatelle is made by wood* A competition Bagatelle table is of a similar form to a Billiards table. * Indoor family classic game* Need 2 players
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    • Light weighted handles
    • Adjustable
    • 3m long rope
    • Comfortable grip
    • Premium quality
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  • Capacity: 120Kg
    High-quality product
    Calculate accurate weight
    No power consumption
    Easy to keep clean

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    • Clean the treadmill between the belt and the deck to ensure the surface is dust / dirt /debris free. Do this by running a dry cloth between the two surfaces to remove all dry particles.
    • Ensure the treadmill is unplugged from its power source. Unscrew the cap, and attach the easy applicator to the bottle. Remove any seals to ensure smooth flow of the lubricant.
    • Raise the treadmill belt from one side, and slide the applicator in as much as possible while gently squeezing the bottle at the same time. This will leave a steady stream of the lubricant under the belt.
    • Repeat the process on the other side.
    • Our 100% premium Silicone oil lubricant offers longer, more durable operation when compared with traditional lubricants. This is ideal for all treadmills which need non-petroleum, oil based and silicone based lubricants.
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