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Cricket Bat – SF – Sapphire Heritage – English Willow

৳ 12,800.00

  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of English Willow
  • Advanced Playing Level
  • Sport Type: Cricket
  • Weight Range 1200gm
  • Age Group 15+ Yrs
  • Blade Made of English Willow
  • Advanced Playing Level
  • Sport Type: Cricket
  • Weight Range 1200gm


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    • 100% Brand New and High Quality
    • High strength durability, no deformation, adjustable strap, ideal for Heavy Weights.
    • Solid-steel arm blaster to assisting in correct form while performing bicep curls.
    • Contoured to comfortably fit across the chest to keep arms in correct position.
    • Adjustable strap with neoprene neck pad for comfort while using the blaster.
    • Fully adjustable for a custom fit.
    • Padding in areas that receive the most pressure.
    • Unique contoured design isolates arms and shoulders while you perform dumbbell or heavy weight lifting.
    • Specifications:
    • Material: High Strength Spring Steel
    • Product Dimensions: Approx: Length 63cm x Width 8cm
    • Strap Maximum Adjustable Length: Approx: 104cm
    • Weight: Approx: 1.3kg
    • Color: Black
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    • Portable: The new hoop which does not fall, is light and simple, does not take up space, and is easy to play.
    • Burn 100 calories every 10 minutes
    • Professional design: This fitness gear trims your waistline without torturing your hips.
    • Convenient to use:You can now do your daily hoop goals without exerting a ton of energy and time.
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    • Product name: Arm sleeve / Ice Silk
    • Material: polyester
    • Features:
    • Anti-UV
    • Four-sided
    • Cooling & Breathable: Our lightweight arm sleeve is made of weather resistant and soft fabric stretchy material which is breathable, dries fast and wicks. You will feel cool when you wear it in the hot summer.
    • UV Protection: The fabrics of the long arm sleeves can powerfully absorb the high-energy ultraviolet. Wear it can protect your arms from the sun’s harmful damage.
    • One Size Fits Most People: Unisex design suitable for most men and women’s arms, it is very elastic, seamless and offer perfect 360° fit. Our premium arm covers offer comfortable wearing experience all the time.
    • Perfect for All Outdoor Activities: Great skin protection when you working outside or doing any outdoor activities. Keep you comfortable whether you’re cycling, climbing, cooking, fishing, playing basketball, playing football, golfing, boating, driving or even gardening.
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    • Three layers of protective foam.
    • Attached thumb.
    • Palm holes for breathability.
    • Anti-microbial inner lining.
    • Inner cord for a more secure fit and better strike accuracy.
    • Double stitching to increase product durability.
    • Large velcro fastening for better wrist support.
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    • Soft Foam Use
    • Suitable For Less than 60 Kg people
    • Thickened professional life jacket
    • Good quality product
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