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    • Adjustable Resistance- increase or decrease the resistance of the fitness bands depending on your workout goals.
    • Lightweight and Portable.
    • Cost-Effective.
    • Increase your coordination.
    • Resistance Bands are made of high quality tubing and sheathed in latex, offering premium quality bands. Avoid risks of joint or to your safety compared to using heavy free weights.
    • Attach the bands to the included foam door anchor and expand the variety of exercises you can perform (over 100+ exercises)
    • Smooth range of motion, also allows for ‘unorthodox’ movements – great for martial arts. All pieces fit into the travel bag and can go with you on vacations, business trips etc.
    • No need to buy separate resistance bands of various strengths.
    • Versatile Use.
    • Anywhere can use it.
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